Hey! So today, on the 11th of October, I finally decided it’s time to sort out my photos from summer and share them. These photos were taken on July 25 when many Latvian cities and… Continue reading


Hello. Although I have been travelling quite a bit, I have been incredibly lazy which resulted in no new posts here. Sorry not sorry; it’s summer and I’m avoiding anything that reminds me… Continue reading


Blackhouses^ Wow. It’s been a while! Basically, third year got me like x_x. It was the best so far, though! First semester spent in Canada, the second one in Scotland as usual. Lots of… Continue reading


(Put some Frank Sinatra in the background. There is a lot of good visual and textual information to scroll through. The guy in the food truck approves.) Here is my attempt to write… Continue reading


Toronto – Chicago. 12h bus drive. Changed buses at the border in a crazy hour. We arrived at 5:40am. Went to the IHSP hostel located in a (very cool and hipster) Wicker Park… Continue reading


9th October Early morning. 3h lecture+ workshop. Finishing the assignment and some other last minute things. High speed packing for Montreal. Some shirts, some documents, some food. And then the fantastic 5h bus… Continue reading

Toronto. Continued.

Thought it’s not fair I’m not sharing any of these beautiful things that are happening to me. So here’s a post. Sugar beach and one tall, blonde girl with an airplane next to… Continue reading

Canada. Toronto. Niagara Falls.

So, yeah, I’m in Canada. Exploring Toronto while flat hunting while partying while meeting new people while trying to grasp the fact I’m actually here. (And living the yolo style) Kensington Market. An area… Continue reading

Travel Bug

Where to begin, where to begin! There are too much summer information on my mind and I must put it away for a bit to tell you something rather important. I’m in Edinburgh… Continue reading

Two Months Ago. 5th of June. My Birthday & More.

^Fresh fish day^ While our family flat was in a process of renovating (and becoming beautiful) and we couldn’t actually live in it, my mum, cat and I went to stay with my… Continue reading